Veena Sheshadri

From Bangalore
Languages: Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil
Veena has an MD in Anesthesiology from MS Ramaiah medical college, Bangalore and has pursued prestigious fellowships in Neuroanesthesia from NIMHANS and the University of Toronto. Veena had been looking to work in rural areas and serve those in need for a while and stumbled upon ASHWINI through personal contacts and has been working here since April 2018.   
Her work is her expertise and she is passionate about it. Her favorite aspect of ASHWINI is the rural and tribal work where one is directly helping those in need. She additionally enjoys the fact that she has independence in her work and has the scope to contribute, improvise, train and set up protocols, and engage in research activities.   
She finds herself learning new skills constantly as the work here is more challenging compared to the work in some of the urban hospitals she has worked at previously. Doctors at ASHWINI have to improvise and be creative because they often encounter difficult or complicated cases, which sometimes have to be tackled without highly specialized infrastructure. Veena enjoys working and living in Gudalur, as the people and the community are warm and welcoming. Additionally, the work at ASHWINI attracts many visitors and working here is a great opportunity to meet and interact with interesting and diverse people.