Sunu G.

Kapala, Erumad area. Paniya village.
Languages: Tamil, Malayalam, English and Paniya
Sunu has an MSc degree in Geography from Bharitiya Univeristy, Gudalur. He is working at ASHWINI (since when) as a sickle cell counsellor. He’s been working with or volunteering at ASHWINI/ACCORD since childhood and joined the sickle cell team when there was an opening. He finds his work personally meaningful because growing up he had fits/epilepsy and he thought that was difficult to live with. However, when he saw the impact of sickle cell disease on people, he realized that living with this condition was much worse and was keen to help. His favorite part of the job is going to the field and village visits, so that he can directly know about and help his people.He also likes the work in the hospital. He enjoys football, and being an only child, he is attached to his home and makes sure to visit his home at Erumad atleast once a week.