Shabeer P K

From Wandoor, Kerala
Languages: English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi.
Shabeer is from Wandoor, Kerala and speaks English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi. He has a BSc degree in Nursing and has a Masters degree in Health Administration from Tata Institute of Social Studies, Mumbai.  
He is working as a research coordinator here at ASHWINI and his work involves coordinating existing research projects, and finding new research domains and funding sources, among other responsibilities. He had visited ASHWINI in 2015 for a 3-month internship and then worked with the Ministry of Health for a year and moved to JHPIEGO for a year. However, while looking for more ground-level and field-level work experience, he reached out to ASHWINI for openings and has been working here since March 2018.   
His favorite aspect about ASHWINI is the community empowerment: he feels that he can see people coming up and into their own and taking ownership of their lives and this a very important aspect, especially for a marginalized community. Additionally, he observes a change in community spirit and empowerment from when he first visited in 2015 to 2018, and is thoroughly impressed, imagining the change in the community from 1990 onward! He is passionate about public health policy, advocacy, quality assurance and improvement of health systems and enjoys providing training to others.