Renuka. M. R.

Kapala village, Erumad area. Mullukurmba Tribal village
Language: Malayalam, Tamil and Mullakurumba language
She finished her 12th Std and then pursued a Diploma degree in Lab Technician work. She has been working in the billing section and insurance at ASHWINI (since when). While she is trained in lab work, the Lab at ASHWINI was adequately staffed and she began work at the billing department. She has a 3-year-old child and her husband Hari is working as security in the hospital.
She enjoys working in insurance because she likes the fact that her work involves directly helping those without money. Additionally, she is inspired by her co-workers, especially Malathi, whose behavior, work ethic, efficiency and communication styles inspire her and she wishes to follow in Malathi’s footsteps.