Kanjikoli village, Srimadurai.
Languages: Bettakurumba, Yirula, Paniya, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam
Eswaran has been working with ASHWINI since 1996 and is currently involved in two distinct roles, working in the Pharmacy and Human Resources. His work here has been diverse and his roles have included being a health animator, an insurance coordinator, a pharmacist and doing intensive work with the HIV/AIDs project and the sickle cell project. He has pursued his schooling until 12th standard and has obtained a Diploma in Pharmacy, through the BSS program at ASHWINI.
His favorite part of working at ASHWINI is that he likes providing help and awareness to his community. He has no complaints about work at ASHWINI despite being here for so long. However, he would like to see younger staff more motivated and would love to help them have the same deep-rooted passion that he and his peers did when setting up ASHWINI. He is inspired by the organization management skills of Dr. Nk and Dr. Shyla and aspires to improve his own perceptive skills and ability to analyze the long term growth and development of the organization.