Ashish Bosco

Ashish is from Bangalore and is fluent in English, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi. He is a junior doctor, with an MMBS degree from St Johns Medical College, Bangalore. Graduates from St. John’s are required to work for 2 years in a rural area and he is doing his rural service at Gudalur Adivasi Hospital from March 2017 to 2019.   
Students can pay off this obligation, but Ashish was keen to have the experience of working in a rural area. Ashish had heard a lot of good things about ASHWINI, and when an opportunity opened up at ASHWINI, he took it instantly.   
Ashish feels that working at ASHWINI has been a thoroughly immersive experience: you live in the middle of it all and have the community all around. A lot of the staff are from the tribes that the hospital works for, and it is wonderful to work both for and with them. He also feels that from purely an academic point of view, the sheer variety of cases and patients seen here is fantastic. Additionally, at ASHWINI, he works closely with senior doctors who have seen and experienced so much and he feels his own learning has been expedited so much, just by learning from their experience. Once he and his co-junior doctor figured out their way around the hospital, they have been trusted with lot of responsibility, which has also been a wonderful experience. This is a very important part of the learning process, because that is when you truly graduate from student to doctor. He enjoys the fact that here at ASHWINI, he and his co-junior doctor make important decisions and are accountable for them.