Anand M.

From Theyyakuni village, Erumad area.
Languages: English, Malayalam, Tamil, Mullakurumba
Anand studied at the Vidyodaya school until 8th standard and after completion of his 12th standard he pursued a 3-year diploma in computer engineering from Bangalore. He has been working here at ASHWINI since September 2017 in the IT department. His work involves maintaining and fixing computers, software development and analyzing and addressing problems in the system.
While he moved away for higher education, he always knew he wanted to come back to his community and work in this organization and for the community.
His favorite part of this job is teaching and educating others about computers. He is keen to empower the staff here and help them realize that computers are not as complicated as they appear and there are certain things that they can fix themselves. He believes this will be useful for everyone. He also feels that children in his community don’t always know that computers and technology are the way forward. He wishes to spread this knowledge so that his community can progress and move forward.